10 Tricks to Kick Your Worst Mota Edibles Habits

My opinion Mota Edibles William Sonoma has so many good options you guys they have a day sushi kit day ravioli kit if your man is into drinking  .

They have a beer brewing kit which is always a really fun gift idea ?

They have lots of different alcoholic beverage kits depending on what his beverage of choice is I will link the landing page for all of .

Mota Edibles
Mota Edibles

These day beverage and food kits because ?

  • I think these are awesome another item that I have gifted my husband often is some sort of nice duffel bag backpack work bag anything of the sort I’ve personally purchased my husband a nice duffel bag .
  • Backpack both of which are from Herschel this is a great brand pretty affordable and most of their materials are just like a nice canvas material Patrick still uses the duffel bag for basically every trip .
  • We take and he uses the book bag for work  all the time so both of these get a ton of use out of them if you’re looking for a nice personalized leather option mark and gram also has some
  • Amazing options I know I’m mentioning them a lot in this  video but they just have a lot of really good gift ideas for guys but .

I love their duffel bags you guys they’re so nice and then ?

They even have like this work bag that’s really cool too i think  you can get their initials monogrammed on them as well next if you have a beer drinker in your life the chaser is a nice affordable gift option .

Gifted  this to Patrick a few years ago now and it is basically something that you keep in your freezer and if you have a beer that you want to drink that’s not chilled you can just pop this out of.

The freezer and then put it in your beer and it’ll immediately chill it and make it cold just something kind of unique it’s like a little gadget that they can play around with and use in times of need and 

These are such a bestseller they have such good reviews on amazon and they’ve been around a long time they’re just like a classic beer gift idea you know cologne is also another classic gift  option as well you could either gift him just a full size of 


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