How to grow mushrooms in the country, garden, outdoors: an easy way

Mushroom growing is a unique type of gardening, Buy blue meanies still little cultivated in country areas, and mushrooms are the easiest and most convenient option for this process. Although growing mushrooms may not be as simple as growing other types of garden crops, it is easy to do.

  • This will be discussed in the article. Preparation of planting material Before starting the growing process, you should get acquainted with the basic concepts of the physiology of fungi and methods of their reproduction.
  • Fungi have mycelium – this is the part of the fungal organism that is not visible on the surface . Like the roots of a tree, the mycelium provides nourishment and fungal
  • Structure necessary for growth. These are long, thin, thread-like formations that spread beneath the earth’s surface. Mushrooms reproduce by spores (translated from Greek – “seeds”), which ripen under the cap and, falling into the soil, germinate in monokaryotic mycelium.
  • Monokaryotic means that the chromosomes of the mycelium are odd. To grow fruiting bodies and create a full-fledged organism, two monokaryotic mycelium combine, becoming dikaryotic, which produces fungi on the earth’s surface. It spreads over large areas, so fungi are considered the largest
  • Organisms on the planet. Forest mushrooms often grow in close contact with trees and form mycorrhizae, but mushrooms are an exception, and therefore they can be grown in the backyard. The main requirements Buy blue meanies .

For growing mushrooms in garden plots are: creating the right conditions close to natural; acquisition or creation of fungal planting material used for mushroom propagation. Choice in the store Champignons are a common form of mushroom growing. Planting material can be purchased in the form of ready-made kits through online stores or in local nurseries. Kits

Usually contain all the materials needed for planting and growing mushrooms, they are environmentally friendly, ready to use and great for beginners. Importantly! Sets for cultivation, as a rule, have certain directions

  • (types of mushrooms, requirements to conditions, structure of a set) which can differ from traditional methods of agrotechnics of mushrooms. Be sure to read the package description carefully and follow the instructions. This includes: bag of compost, sown with mushroom mycelium; package with coating mixture; trays; instruction. grow your own It is more
  • Difficult to grow a mycelium at home on your own. This will require knowledge of microbiology. It is possible to be convinced that everything is executed correctly and the grown up mycelium of a mushroom, instead of other microbiological culture, only after emergence of fruit bodies.
  • The process must take place in sterile conditions, in the presence of a nutrient medium, special equipment, in certain temperature conditions, which are easier to create in the laboratory than in the kitchen. There is another way to grow mycelium directly in the garden: To do this, sketch on
  • The selected area among the grass cleaning and processing waste or fresh ripe mushrooms with open hats and dark undercoat plates. Then cover the area with old boards, fallen leaves or twigs, trying to avoid getting excess moisture. Mature spores will get into the ground and will start the growth of mycelium, which will spread underground and lay a productive mycelium. With this method, in the case of successful reproduction, you get the mycelium of mushrooms. Self-cultivation of mycelium is a long and laborious process, which is associated with failures, so you can do
  • This in terms of research and experiments, and for growing in the garden it is better to buy ready-made planting material. Preparing the landing site The traditional method is to grow mushrooms to compost manure, so the area must be prepared before planting mycelium in open ground.
  • In the open ground mushrooms need constant humidity (but not waterlogging) and in indirect sunlight. based on this, you can find places to grow them within the garden – abandoned lawns, areas in compost heaps, shady, cool and ventilated (but without drafts) areas that are not suitable for gardening and growing vegetables.
  • it can even be a place under the porch of the house, the north side of the courtyard buildings. mushrooms grow best in alkaline soils rich in organic matter (especially nitrogen). ordinary soil does not provide the right nutrients for growing mushrooms. instead, as a nutrient medium using materials such as litter of chopped straw, sawdust, wood chips, compost , which are called substrate.

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