Marijuana concentrates with and without solvents

Many Marijuana enthusiasts try dabbing, in which a specialize ring and marijuana concentrate are use in such a way that it vaporizes. Researching a few minutes about Marijuana concentrates, it is easy to find the terms “with solvent” and “without solvent”, which refer to the way used to make said product. But what is the difference between Marijuana concentrates with and without solvents?

Difference between Marijuana concentrates with and without solvents

A marijuana concentrate is obtain through an extraction process. An extraction consists of separating the trichomes from the Marijuana flowers material (either flowers or sugary remains from manicuring) in order to bring them together in the same product that will reach a high level of THC or CBD, depending on the predominant cannabinoids in the marijuana use. Said dissociation process can be carry out with or without solvents and with different methods, from which the various existing Marijuana concentrates will derive.

In general, solvent extractions are performed using gas or alcohol, and non-solvent extractions using pressure, heat, or mechanical techniques. The problem with using solvents to prepare marijuana concentrates is that they require subsequent purging, since most of them are not suitable for consumption. In the event that the extraction is not carried out correctly, it will be of poor quality and harmful to health. It is extremely important to leave the preparation of this type of marijuana concentrate in the hands of professionals.

Types of marijuana concentrates with and without solvents

with solvents

The fact of needing gas or alcoholic solvents to make marijuana concentrates adds danger to the process, since they are highly flammable substances that can cause explosions if they are not make in an open and ventilate place, that is, outside. There are many accidents report in the press by inexperience people who have make their own extractions near heat sources (what a cigarette can do), suffering serious damage. Hence, the insistence that a professional take charge of its execution.


BHO stands for Butane Hash Oil, while PHO stands for Propane Hash Oil. Both extraction methods are similar except for the solvent use: butane and propane respectively. To prepare them, the plant material is frozen and put into an extraction tube, to which the gas is add. Its function is to dissolve the terpenes, leaving a mixture of these and gas coming out of the tube. Through exhaustive subsequent purging, the gas is eliminate, leaving only the BHO or PHO.

The main difference between the two marijuana concentrates is the solvency capacity of each one. The propane extract contains fewer waxes and retains a greater spectrum of terpenes. In addition, it evaporates at a temperature lower than that of butane, helping to preserve these terpenes. However, it is less economical. Both substances can be present with different marijuana concentrations of THC or CBD depending on small variations during purging, such as temperature or movement during it.

In this way, marijuana concentrates such as Budder, Wax, Shatter or Crumble.

Terpene sauce

Terpene sauce or HTFSE (High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract) is produce from BHO or PHO oil purge for a long time, at low temperature and applying pressure. Thus, some of the oil crystallizes into a thick, grainy sauce.


The solvent for QWISO (Quick Wash Isopropyl) and QWET (Quick Wash Ethanol) is alcohol, isopropyl and ethanol, respectively. In this case, the buds or manicure scraps are submerge in the solvent for less than a minute to separate the trichomes. The process is quick to avoid the release of unwanted substances such as chlorophyll, which gives it a very unpleasant green flavor. The mixture is strain and slowly purge. The result is very similar to Shatter, or Wax if the time in contact with the solvent has been longer.

CO2 oil

The CO2 extraction method is very similar to that of BHO. However, CO2 needs specialize equipment to work due to its ability to corrode some of the materials present in butane extractor tubes. In the case of marijuana concentrate from CO2, closed-circuit extractors, a safer device where the gas is inside, in its own chamber, and permeates the herb when it is release. It is then return to storage for reuse.

In this way, the extraction process is much safer. In addition, the extractor automatically purges the Cannabis concentrate. CO2 is a less harmful gas for humans than the previous ones.

Solvent free

Instead of chemicals, in the case of solvent-less marijuana concentrates, pressure, heat or movement is use.

Bubble Hash

To make Bubble Hash, or hashish with water and ice, it is said that no solvents are use. However, water is the protagonist of this extraction, which helps the detachment of the trichomes. However, as it does not add chemicals, it is classify outside the category of solvent extractions.

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