How non-profit network Works

A globe it’s a non-profit network of more than  leading research universities in the Asia pacific region it’s been around for more than  years and it is uh in the secretariat is in Hong Kong and the global health program is one of several programs and uh uh the global health program is housed at use it’s been around for more .

non-profit network
non-profit network

Than  years and um we have a lot of exciting initiatives in addition to our webinar series and I’ll .

Tell you a little bit about them

I think at the end but if you are interested please take a look at our website at apron. Org and par apron GlobalHealth. Org for more information so tonight uh our topic is the use of technology and innovation to combat bovid  in Thailand I’m really excited to hear more about this so uh.

I think we’ll go ahead and get started here.

I would like to I’ll be your moderator again this evening and i would like to introduce you all to our wonderful uh guest speaker and expert in artificial intelligence from the university um in in Bangkok to LA longhorn so let’s see dry pram an we Wattana ken waned is currently a lecturer at.

The college of public health science at Chulalongkorn university he has skills in the area of statistics pharmacy healthcare access tai chi and patient support groups and has done research related to patient empowerment caregivers burden in Parkinson’s disease and he’s worked as.

A consultant for um and manager for .

  • A number of pharmaceutical companies and international companies he earned .
  • A doctorate and a bachelor’s degree in social and pharmacy administration from Chulalongkorn and he also received an MBA from the university of Colorado in Denver here in the united states his goal is to create more work related to .
  • Artificial intelligence and public health and you can take a look at his very impressive bio on our website as well as his reading list for today’s talk if you’re interested but .
  • Without further ado i’m going to turn it over um to our guest speaker dr we thank you so much for joining us today we really appreciate it.

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