The Truth About Microdosing Shrooms every body Should Know

A tablespoon I’m using about a tablespoon and a half and now .

I’m just gonna toss Microdosing shrooms this until it is well incorporated and I’m going to taste more salt we use a little bit of vegetable broth in the polenta but we haven’t used any salt whatsoever in our mushrooms so I’m going to taste this and see .

What we need if we need definitely need some salt but not much not much I’m going to turn this off I’m going to take a little bit of salt I’m probably going to use about .

Microdosing shrooms
Microdosing shrooms

A teaspoon of salt on this one of the great things about mushrooms is it really absorbs flavor so a little bit goes a long way  let me taste again much better much better one of the last things I like to do is add a little bit of

Scallion into it for flavor i don’t like it to cook down really .

  • I like to add it close to the end of my cooking .
  • I think sometimes when you cook scallions or green onions it kind of takes away the flavor and what am .
  • I going to say again texture texture texture it also makes us look prettier because you kind of you got all these dark mushrooms and you know.
  • We want to make sure that what we’re cooking not only tastes good is good but it looks good as well so folk you know what time it is .

I am I’m happy with the texture of my of my polenta so I’m not going to add any more plant butter to it i think it’s fine just the way it is we are going to pull it now i’m going to take some of this polenta and put it right in the center of the hole right in center and .

I guarantee you this is one of those things it is definitely filling i’m going to use one of these better control and so your mushrooms are going to go right in the center of this you’ve got this bunch that we didn’t

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