What is hobby ignite institution 

Why we need to set up this new center. hobby ignite institution .I will tell you about this later on okay let’s start with the long gone how long long gone came up with the innovation and technology to fight against probate but before.

hobby ignite institution 
hobby ignite institution
  • I go into that uh I want to I would like to say that during a call with knight institution as you know.
  • That uh July gone we also like contribute a lot to the public society but at the same time the university also care about the staff as well also all the students so that you can see that .
  • I put four pictures on this line uh on your left hand side you can see that since .

We had like a hobby ignite institution 

  • We launched some kind of the guidelines for the students for the staff also switched to the online courses to prepare for the situation we tried to communicate to other staff or .
  • The students to prepare for that at the same time uh the president of the long university also in college the start to be prepared he also provided .

The two keys you can see on my right hand side the picture this one ?

The math the skyline the alcohol spray you can see that and also some other methods to encourage us we also have like the good practice if you want to enter .

  • The building you need to check for your temperature and need to scan first before go inside the building and we also have the center to screen for the uh for the people who are sleepy with the call with night team we also have the center .
  • That serves all the staff and the students so this is my point sometimes organizations also need to care about the staff as well to encourage them to fight during this past time situation uh in .
  • This slide july long gone dedicates you know the research and innovation against Kobe and also collaborate because our university is quite big and we have a difference to a lot of business who but we joined together to come up .

With the research and innovation we also joined with the highway fixture as well to create the innovation and our goal you also support the medical team and also community because we know

  • That medical teams they work really hard during this time they need to fight against kobe. Sometimes .
  • They feel excited so we need to uh support them to also support them came up with the idea to keep them safe but also facilitate them as well and the key important point as we in the academic area we need to transform the this study into the innovation

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