What people actually know about The THC nerds

When you’re looking for THC Nerds a delicious treat that contains a healthy dose of THC, look no further than. Those tasty little candies have the same taste as classic candies, but are infused with a whopping 400 mg of THC! Made with gummy “rope” that contains THC, this candy has a sweet crunch on the outside and a chewy inside.

The candy company Ferrara Candy Co. filed a lawsuit in California claiming that the cannabis company was infringing on its trademarks, including the Nerds Rope brand. The company also alleges that some knockoffs contained amounts of THC Nerds that exceeded the legal limits in the state. The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The lawsuit alleges that the cannabis company is endangering consumers’ health by making these sweet treats, which are laced with THC.

THC nerds package

For making these delicious candies, you can either melt down cannabis oil or tincture in a double boiler and pour it over the nerds candy. To make the classic nerd crunch, you’ll need a bowl and a baking sheet. Once the nerds are in the molds, you can then carefully pour the cannabis oil mixture over them. Then, wait for them to dry naturally. After that, you can toss some extra candies on top and enjoy your delicious THC Nerds!

THC-infuse Nerds Rope can be a fun way for kids to get their daily dose of THC. They look just like regular candies and are very cheap. However, a recent raid in Kentucky found 7.5 pounds of medical marijuana edibles that contain 400 milligrams of THC, which is more than the amount of THC in the average joint. This could pose a danger to children.

This candies contain THC and are legal for recreational use in 11 states and for medical use in nearly three dozen. To be legally consume, these candies must be produce, package, and distributed by licensed vendors. As of this writing, no one has report any adverse side effects from cannabis infus edibles. The THC was either sprayed on the candy or infus directly into the candy. The candy could easily be mistaken for a real candy unless someone knows how to spot the difference.

Although edible cannabis products look like child’s sweets, the dose of THC they contain is around 50 times higher than that of a joint. Several schoolgirls in London were taken to hospital after they ate the edibles, and detectives from the Metropolitan Police are trying to trace the source of the sweets. They had high levels of THC, the active ingredient in cannabis. The sweets were design to resemble popular childhood sweets, such as Nerds Rope.


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