When Spotify Wrapped isn’t working, it’s my responsibility to rummage

When Spotify Wrapped isn’t working, it’s my responsibility to rummage through memories Spotify .


Wrapped is something that everyone sends each other for about two days without a break, then to forget about the matter completely until the next December 1st.

  • I did not “expand” it – and I could pretend that I am just an avant-garde internet user, but the truth is less interesting  this contraption did not work for me at all. Spotify did something on the final straight of 2021.
  • The action with Wrapped is a bit like eating toast – I know, an incredibly brilliant comparison, “you must have thought about it for a long time, Pawed”.
  • But that’s the way it is – you usually use the toaster once a year, eat the toast for a few days, and then wash the device (or not), put it in the cupboard and forget about it.
  • Spotify Wrapped is the same mechanism – once a year everyone talks about it for a few days, then it hangs in the application for some time forgotten and disappears.

As in the seasons of Vivaldi, the application simply changes, because what is the point of keeping a full-year summary for longer than, I don’t know, a few weeks, a month, maybe a maximum of two?

Scrobbling and Wrapping

I like such summaries.

  • I like useless statistics, from which I do not extract anything, but they are a curiosity about myself. That is why I still use Last.
  • FM, which may still be popular (I did not check the statistics carefully), but in the group of my friends who used this invention in the past, there are only a handful of enthusiasts of this famous scrobbling, i.e. adding music to profiles on the website .
  • So I go to this portal once in a while and check my listening statistics out of sheer curiosity – this year I listened to more music than in the last one,

but less than two years ago?

  • Nice. Have I listened to “Café Beluga”, the best album of Taco Hemingway (I do not invite you to the discussion) a total of 250 times?
  • Wow, I wasn’t expecting. Toto – Africa is my most listened to song (456 gazylionów plays)? Holy shit… No, I was actually expecting.
  • The thing is, I like this kind of fun, so I also like to have a few at Spotify Wrapped.
  • And here it is cool this year – the function does not work in the application, and on the desktop I can only run a playlist prepared on the basis of a Spotify list.

And damn it, if only I had such a problem – but from what I see, a lot of people have similar problems, and neither the combinations in the settings, nor the reinstalled, nor the updates solve it.

It is the people of Stockholm who are more skilled in technical matters than we are, who have to somehow solve this problem.

However, it is a bit of an image shot in the knee, because Wrapped is probably the most strongly advertised Spotify action in the year – and meanwhile, something is clearly wrong for people. In my case, it looks as if Wrapped opens a little more, a little further every few hours, but it still kills the application on the first slide. Well, it’s a pity.

And don’t get me wrong, it’s not no big problem or something I can’t live without. Even in the discussion on Twitter, I had to face the accusation that I consider funny pictures to be a more important part of the music application than the music itself. It’s just a bit like St.

On the most important day of the year for him, Mikołaj got stuck in the chimney and did not manage to drop the packages, not only to a single recipient (who gave all of himself 30% to solve the situation – like me), but also to a lot of other users. Either way, the matter will probably be resolved by the time I begin the last paragraph of this text.

However, the whole situation made me, surprisingly, to some considerations. The broken Spotify feature reminded me of how attached I am to this program – and it is not surreptitious advertising (although go ahead, Mr. Daniel Eku, you can send me a few pennies).

The text could actually be about any straming service – Deezer, Tidal, Apple or YouTube Music, or another that I don’t know.

Necessary application as everyday coffee mug

However, I chose Spotify and I have been using it for quite a few years – and I use it practically every day. If I am sitting on a remote or I am free, but I am not going anywhere from home – it is on the desktop. If I go to work or wherever I am alone – it’s on my smartphone.

I listen to every day – although it has to be honestly admitted that recently more podcasts (especially criminal ones) than actual music.

Anyway, the program with the logo with the symbol of three dashes accompanies me constantly, being one of the most used applications by me.

So often that I actually use the machine – when I run into the tram in the morning, I start it with my cold toes and for the next several dozen minutes .

I sink in my thoughts with various sounds in the background. It is as obvious to me as alarm clock function, internet browser, calculator etc.

And it was not like that – in the past, streaming services did not function at all, or else

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