September mushrooms: which ones grow and where to collect?

Autumn mushrooms are the most delicious. They are suitable for frying and salting, perfectly pickled and dried. Each mushroom picker should know what types of mushrooms are usually picked in Russia in the autumn, as well as what their individual characteristics are Buy penis envy mushrooms.

Honey agaric

  • From the end of August, and also at the beginning of September, honey agaric is found in Central Russia, especially in the Moscow region.
  • It is a nutritious mushroom that can be fried, stewed and pickled. The color of the cap is light brown, sometimes with a greenish tinge.
  • The leg is high with white pulp with a pleasant aroma.

Honey agaric can be found in September:

  • in the forest at the edge, near trees, for example, oaks, pines;
  • on the stumps and next to them;
  • found throughout Russia.

The hat in diameter can reach 10 cm. The honey agaric grows on the stumps of various trees in whole clusters. You can find mushrooms not only in dry places, but also in swampy areas.


  • Golden-red mushroom on a high leg. Appears in the forest in September with the first autumn rains. The diameter of the cap can reach 8-12 cm. It has a glossy surface.
  • There are also completely brown mokruhi , as well as purple mushrooms.
  • Perfect for pickling, frying. It tastes like oil. You can meet mokruha in coniferous forests, deciduous forest plantations. Likes to grow on trees as well as under them.
  • Prefers limestone soil. It can be found in the center of Russia, as well as in the forests of the Caucasus and the Siberian taiga.

White mushroom

  • The king of all mushrooms is considered one of the most valuable gifts of autumn. Grows under birches, pines and other trees.
  • He likes both light areas of the forest and dark ones. The color is white-gray, brown with a large hat up to 30 cm in diameter. The second name is boletus.

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